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About my origami jewelry ...
♦ All of my origami jewelry is made from high-quality Japanese Washi paper.

Yuzen Washi Paper

Mujizome (solid-color dyed) Washi

Washi is traditional Japanese paper.  Washi is amazingly durable
since the paper fibers are left long and randomly positioned.

♦ Each piece is coated for durability and water resistance, yet still maintains the warmth and flexibility of paper.  Even though it is made of paper, you can still enjoy my origami jewelry on rainy days.  When it is exposed to water for an extended time, it gets slightly soft, but does not lose its shape.  You just have to let it dry and wear it again.

Crane pin under water for over three hours

♦ All of my origami jewelry come in an origami-decorated box.

The paper used for decoration may vary.

♦ Origami earrings are very tiny and elegant.  Even the larger designs are light and easy to wear. This picture shows how big/small my earrings are.


♦ I hand-fold each item very carefully.  No two are exactly the same, especially the ones with patterned paper since each shows a different part of the paper.  Please enjoy the look, feel and uniqueness of each item.

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